Friday, November 11, 2011

Veterans, Fairs & Holidays

First, and most importantly .... we at Perfectly Creative would like to thank all of our Veterans - both past and present - and also their families for sacrificing their time together so that they can fight and protect us and our freedoms. We have more gratitude than we can ever say.

Last weekend I was at the Harvest Moon Festival in New Windsor. Here are just a few photos for those of you that haven't visited us in person:

This was the first weekend using my new displays ... thankfully they were very easy to put up, and I think they worked out very well.  While there for the afternoon I met some lovely vendors. 

Shortly after the fair ... like on Sunday morning, I realized that I was getting sick.  This cold has knocked me out this week!  Thankfully after a strict regiment of Advil Cold and Sinus, I'm feeling about 85% ... no telling what a couple of more days will do!  I'm looking forward to being at the St. James Nursery School on Albany Post Road in Hyde Park next Saturday the 19th.

I'm slowly realizing that Thanksgiving is right around the cornter.  It's my favorite holdiay because it's the one that has NOTHING to do with materialism.  It's all about joining together and sharing a kick-ass meal.  We host, so I'll be cooking for about 14 people this year.  I love coming up with new centerpieces and place settings ... so I'll be working on those soon.   While I know what we'll be serving, I'll take the opportunity to tweak things and see if I can add something new and delicious every year!

What about you?  Staying home or trekking out for Thanksgiving? 

Don't forget about our Facebook give away .... once we reach 30 people who "Like" us, we'll choose a random fan to get one of these paper wreaths .... they'd make a great hostess gift!  (Besides ... we're at 28 right now and waiting for 2 more is KILLING me!) Check it out ... you know you want to! 

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