Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Time is not my friend ...

Is it just me?  Time has been flying by and I don't even know where it goes.  Somehow it's almost Wednesday and even though I've gotten a bunch of things done, I still feel like there's so much I've forgotten!

I'm also getting blog-barded (like that new word?) with tons of really adorable Valentine's Day cookies and pastries - which I'm trying to stay far away from, but can feel myself breaking by saying "but I need to do *something* cute for Valentine's Day!  Maybe I'll just stick with making some decorated sugar cookies since I know I'll decorate them and I only like to eat them plain! (I know - strange ... with all the icing they're just too sweet for my taste!)

I'm brainstorming some quilt ideas and working on a couple of projects ... more to come on those soon!  Hope the rest of your week goes at the pace you want it to!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Confessions and Resolutions ...

So, which do you want to hear first?  Okay! Okay!  Here's the confession:  I was totally overwhelmed and unprepared for Christmas.  GASP!  I know - shocking isn't it (especially if you know me!)?  Now, granted I had most of our gifts bought on Black Friday and wrapped that same weekend ... Christmas cards went out that same Saturday .... but ... the rest of it ... there was a SERIOUS mental block going on.  I think I over-committed myself just a little bit, and that combined with a faulty memory (like getting my niece's birthday gift, but totally spacing out on getting her Christmas gift) really ... well ... it just plain screwed me!

I did, however squeeze in a ton of baking (probably around 10 batches of cookies alone!) and gave some edible gift baskets that were raved about ... heck, we even got phone calls from our older uncles asking for recipes!

Now that that's all over and done with ... and everything is packed up and put away (well, will be put away this weekend!) ... I'm doing my most favorite thing to do in the new year .... move on with a CLEAN slate.

Part of me tries to revamp everything I want to change in my life and find a "fixable" solution in twenty minutes ... and then the other part of me wants to psychoanalyze every single thing that didn't go right in 2011 and find out why.

Then, reality sets in.  I'm not perfect (shhhh ... don't tell!) and neither is life.  My resolutions, as they are - are kind of my guidelines for the year.  Nothing too unattainable, and nothing too mediocre - according to me, anyway.

So, here we go ... {drumroll} my resolutions for 2012 (now, someone help hold me to them!)

• Say "Yes!" to more things ... not just when I don't feel like going out to the movies or dinner with friends - to opportunities that may come up.  I just need to stop analyzing and just DO.

•  Create MORE ... this one should totally be in the bag ... I will make more time for this - especially since I love it so much (and so do you!)

•  Learn new techniques ... as much crafting that I do, there are still some things that I've never done - like make myself a piece of clothing ... so, this year - I will!  I'll even show it to you!  I'm going to pick several projects that I want to complete within the next year and as I pick them I'll share the process and the finished product!

•  Be healthy.  Yes, I know - we all usually have this one, but I've decided that this is the year I'm taking it seriously.  None of us are getting any younger ... and while I'm not unhealthy right now, I could be healthier. This doesn't mean I'm going to go nuts and stop eating everything I love in place of nuts and berries ... it means I'm going to cut back, add fish and a variety of vegetables into our dinners more regularly (despite the protests I will get because I'm leaving the "norm") - and most importantly - my nemesis ... exercise.  It's just SO much easier to cozy up on the couch, so I'm going to be finding a way to work around that ... maybe it's finally just signing up for a 5K instead of wishing I could someday.  We'll have to see.

What about you?  What are you hoping to conquer this year?