Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Time is not my friend ...

Is it just me?  Time has been flying by and I don't even know where it goes.  Somehow it's almost Wednesday and even though I've gotten a bunch of things done, I still feel like there's so much I've forgotten!

I'm also getting blog-barded (like that new word?) with tons of really adorable Valentine's Day cookies and pastries - which I'm trying to stay far away from, but can feel myself breaking by saying "but I need to do *something* cute for Valentine's Day!  Maybe I'll just stick with making some decorated sugar cookies since I know I'll decorate them and I only like to eat them plain! (I know - strange ... with all the icing they're just too sweet for my taste!)

I'm brainstorming some quilt ideas and working on a couple of projects ... more to come on those soon!  Hope the rest of your week goes at the pace you want it to!

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