Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Busy, busy, busy!

So the butterflies of "opening" are gone and I'm trying to figure out my own little systems of how and when to update things, list new items and manage everything else.  I felt like a computer programmer for the past couple of days!  HTML coding hasn't won yet!

I've figured out that I'm not a strict schedule person.  I have to "feel" like doing a task - or at least REALLY need to because a deadline is looming.  (Drives my husband nuts!)  Most times I'm good since I don't like to be idle - but there are days where lounging around sounds like a great idea.  Today I'm concentrating on house & home - the fun things like grocery shopping and cleaning, with just a little creating thrown in tonight.

What about you?  Any tips for someone who can't seem to block out time, but just melds it all together?

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  1. I so can relate to this! You may also have a tinge of ADCD - Having to feel "inspired" *(or pressured) before you do something - A complete lack of motivation for all things tedius. The compulsion to make a 'whole bunch' of stuff when you find yourself inspired by a project. You probably get accused of "doing too much" when it comes to gift giving and event planning too, right? I live in that world - It's a beautiful place. = >